Our Exciting Pack of Puppies

At Boundless Horizon Puppies we limit our breeding partners much like we expect our partners to limit how many breeds of puppies they have for sale. Our vision is to bring you the best puppies when moms and dads are cared for in the best-expected manner.

Breeder Direct Puppies

Here we bring you puppies which give you better peace of mind knowing where your new puppy was raised and cared for. What does breeder direct mean, don’t all puppies for sale come from a breeder? Yes, however, the puppies for sale at Boundless Horizon Puppies stay with their parents until they are delivered to you.

This reduces stress on the puppies and makes for a better transtion to their new home.. Other online retailers may not actually tell you where your pup came from, and most large chains buy their pups from our breeders also. This helps you by reducing your cost, the puppies stay with their mom longer keep these puppies for sale out of retail chains making them easier to potty training and crate training.