BHPuppies is here for you to help find Bernedoodles, Godlendoodels, Cavapoos, Yorkies, and others. Delivery is just as special to NY, NJ, PA, IN, TN, NC, and SC

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Finding a puppy for sale can be easy too. Our unique services allow your new puppy to begin an amazing healthy lifetime journey with you!

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Choosing to adopt a puppy directly from the breeder offers a uniquely personalized experience. It enables you to gain in-depth knowledge about your future puppy companion's upbringing, including insights into their parents, care, and the breed's rich history and distinctive traits. This intimate connection not only assures you of a well-informed choice but also fosters a deeper bond with your new pup, founded on trust and understanding. Puppies for sale at Boundless Horizon Puppies and not just another purchase, but the choice to bring a new family member into the home.

Private Delivery

At our core, we understand that the last leg of your puppy's journey to your loving home is crucial. We offer a variety of delivery options, but what sets us apart is our dedicated USDA-approved drivers who provide unparalleled one-on-one care during this vital phase. With a delivery network covering New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, Tennessee, and Ohio, we ensure that your new family member arrives safely, stress-free, and in the best condition. Trust us to go the extra mile to make your puppy's journey as seamless and comfortable as possible. Your pet's well-being is our top priority.

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